Guidelines, Policies, and Information

The Soccer Association for Youth (S.A.Y.) was formed to provide an organization within which children could learn and play soccer. The fact that any size player can be successful at the game and that modest expense is required to field a team makes it possible for many children to participate in organized competition. These factors, plus the enthusiasm of the children once they've played the game, have resulted in the rapid growth of the S.A.Y. program. It is the function of S.A.Y. to provide guidance and instruction for participants, and organizational structure to form leagues and schedule games, and to prescribe rules and regulations that will ensure safe, enjoyable, and fair competition.  A youth program should be as its name implies: A Program for Kids. To win at any cost may be an attitude of the highly skilled professional, but it is contradictory to the basic objectives of S.A.Y. The overall objective of S.A.Y. is maximum participation with even competition at various age levels. Your child will play at least two quarters every game. 

Please have your child bring or wear these items to every practice and game (unless asked otherwise by their coach).

     Soccer Shoes
     Shin Guards
     Water Bottle

Soccer Ball:
     Size #3 - Preschool, Instructional, Passers
     Size #4 - Wings, Strikers
     Size #5 - Kickers, Minors, Seniors

Illegal equipment consists of anything hard or metallic. This includes, but is not limited to, hard casts, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hard hair barrettes, sunglasses, and baseball caps. Players are permitted to wear items such as orthodontic braces or prescription glasses. At no time will a player be permitted to participate in practices or games while wearing illegal equipment.

Your child will receive uniform shirt, shorts, and socks prior to the first game. The cost of the uniform is included in the registration.

The SAY philosophy is to provide fair competition for all participants. To that end, we are required to randomly assign players to teams. We cannot honor requests to have a child placed with a specific coach, nor can we arrange the draw so that friends/neighbors play on the same team. The exception to this is if the head coach requests a specific assistant coach or a sponsor; in which case the assistant’s or sponsor’s child will be placed on the same team. Requests that a player not play on a particular team/Coach will be honored, provided there are more than two teams in that player’s division. Players will not be placed to accommodate personal schedules - no exceptions.

SAY National requires all head coaches and assistant coaches having unsupervised access to children fill out a "Volunteer Application/Screening” Form prior to being assigned any team responsibilities. Forms are available at Please Note: SAY rules prohibit the request of both an assistant coach and a sponsor by the head coach, except in the following cases: 1) the head coach or the assistant coach is also the sponsor; 2) the head coach, assistant coach or sponsor does not have a child playing in that division. All requests for pairing of a head coach with an assistant or sponsor must be made by the head coach. The City of Mason requires coaches to attend the coach’s clinic organized by Mason SAY each season.  If a coach is unable to attend the clinic then a N.A.Y.S. Certification is required (coaches are not reimbursed for certification).  Volunteering to coach does not guarantee you will be selected.  If there are more volunteers for coaching than needed for an age group then a blind draw will be conducted to determine the selected coaches.  We try to give each person volunteering a team.  Should you volunteer for two or more teams, you will be placed where you are needed the most.

The Mason SAY program is open for all children in the Mason school district, those who attend a Mason School District School, or those attending other schools within the Mason school district. Mason SAY is required by the City of Mason to provide information concerning each player’s residency.

The Mason S.A.Y. area has written a Code of Conduct, which applies to all districts playing S.A.Y. Soccer in that area. This document covers players, coaches, referees, and spectators. This document can be viewed on line through the Mason S.A.Y. web page If you cannot access this document online, we can provide a printed copy at your request.

Registration fees are $90.00 per player.

There will be NO REFUND of the registration fee except for the following cases: if a written request to remove your child is postmarked (or sent by e:Mail) no later than 10 days from the final registration date, (player drop forms available at website); your child is on the waiting list and is not placed on a team; your child is injured or becomes ill before the second game of the season and can not participate in any more games; or your family moves out of the Mason area before the season begins.  Refunds will not be given for conflicts due to practice/ game conflicts. 

Look under Parents and/or Coaches page for the current Age Matrix.

Mason SAY has a program for all players, male or female, between the ages of 14 through High School graduation. These players will compete in a co-ed league on a reduced-size (Strikers) field. The teams are balanced for age and gender. The focus for this league will be on fun rather than all-out competition. In the past, the league has played 11v11 and 9v9 depending on number of players signed up and number of available coaches. For fall seasons, Minors / Seniors teams will NOT be drawn until after the high school has completed their try-outs in August. This will allow players who are cut from the school teams to register for SAY.

The curriculum for our preschool Academy was created by the Challenger Sports Organization. The Academy will be one hour in length on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.

The Mason S.A.Y. organization consists of five board members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-at-Large. There are also three Trustees (Trustees are non-voting members). These are elected positions. Meetings are held the first Monday of every Month. Meeting locations vary month-to-month.

If you are interested in any of the following volunteer positions please send an e-Mail to Mason SAY at


Picture Coordinator - Responsibilities will include establishing dates for pictures, distributing flyers announcing picture dates and times, distributing the finished product to the coach’s coordinators, and being liaison between the photographer and the executive board. 

Uniform Coordinator
 - This position will work with the sponsor coordinator and executive board to establish team colors and sponsor assignments. Duties will also include placing the uniform order with the supplier, distributing uniforms to the coaches’ coordinators, and being a liaison between the uniform supplier and the executive board. 

Coaches Coordinator
 - There will be one coordinator for each division. This person will be responsible for distribution of pictures, uniforms, and other information to the teams in their division. This is to be used as a central point of contact for the coaches in each division. 

Sponsor Coordinator
 - This position will work with the uniform coordinator and the executive board to establish team colors and sponsor assignments, keep records of the sponsors for each season, acquire new or current sponsors for the teams, and collect and forward art work for each sponsor onto the uniform coordinator. 

Signup Coordinator
 - Responsibilities will include setting dates for spring and fall player registration, creating and distributing the registration forms to the local schools, and reserving a place for registration day. 

Instructional Coordinator
 - This position is in charge of the Instructional program. The executive board will work with you on all aspects of running this program. 

Referee - We provide training for a $15.00 fee. Players 10 thru 12 will referee Instructional games. Players in the Strikers division and older may also referee. If you are interested, contact Bill Staten at 

Division Coordinator - This position will act as a liaison between their assigned division and the District Rep. 

Practice Days and Times are selected by the coaches. Teams are randomly drawn for fairness and players cannot be moved to other teams to accommodate Personal schedules, no exceptions.

Games for all age groups are played on Saturdays with the exception of Instructional age group which may play on Fridays.  There will be 8 games in a season.  Game schedules will be provided to the coaches at the time that uniforms are distributed typically 2 weeks before the first game of the season.

Mason SAY does not allow players to play in an older age group.  This is done to allow the maximum numbers of players to play in their own age group. 

Mason SAY Soccer will offer a $15.00/Family discount for all Premium Members Community Center Card Holders. You must provide proof of Membership Status by entering your membership number when registering online.  No discount will be given without this information.

Please remember we are guests in the park.  Help keep it clean by removing all trash after practice and games. Do not leave plastic water bottles on the ground; please put them in the proper cans placed about the park. Please do not leave the park, if your child is practicing.

If you sign up late, there is no guarantee of placement.  Players on the wait list are placed on teams when a player on an existing team drops out of the program.  You will be contacted via e:Mail when your child is taken off of the wait list.  The number of children on the waiting list is not given out, nor is the placement of your child on the waiting list.  You may request in writing/email to have your child removed from the waiting list at any point in time. All player drops require a written permission from a parent.  This can be an email or the form provided on the website.  You will not be charged through the website or your check cashed until your child is taken off of the waitlist.

Is required at the time of sign up or mail in/e:mail.  The form will not be accepted without Proof of age (i.e. passport or birth certificate).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can participate in Mason SAY Soccer?

Any boy or girl that lives in the Mason SAY School District or attends a school within the Mason School District and meets the age requirements of SAY

How do I register my child?

All registrations must be completed online through the website (  CLICK HERE to register! Note all payments must be made with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard).

If you need additional help with the registration process, go to

Can I register with a paper application instead of through the computer?

No.  Paper applications are no longer accepted.  You must register online through

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Please contact Mason SAY at

When is the registration period?
What if I am having problems completing registration online?
What if I have questions relating to the program?

While TeamSnap will handle questions related to completing the online registration, program-specific questions should be directed to Mason SAY Soccer at

What if I register late? What happens next?

If you register late a couple things could happen:

  1. If players are needed at the time you register, then you will be able to complete your registration (you will need to pay a $25 per family late fee) and your child will not be put on the wait-list.
  2. If the program is full then your child will be put on the wait-list and you will receive an e:Mail confirmation stating that your child is on the wait-list.  If a spot opens up then your child will be removed from the wait-list and you will receive confirmation asking you to log into your account and make payment for registration (including the $25 per family late fee). 
Do you provide refunds if a player chooses to drop out or cannot play?

There will be no refund of the registration fee except for the following cases:

  1. If a written request to remove your child is postmarked (or sent by e:Mail) no later than 10 days from the final registration date (player drop forms available at website)
  2. Your Child is injured or becomes ill before the second game of the season and cannot participate in anymore games.
  3. Your family moves out of the Mason area before the season begins.
Can my child play in an older age group?

Mason SAY does not allow players to play in an older age group.  This is done to allow the maximum numbers of players to play in their own age group.

Why do you need a copy of my child’s birth certificate? What happens to it once you receive it?

For insurance purposes, we need to be certain that each child is place in an appropriate age group and we need official verification of your child’s age.  Once we verify the age of the player the birth certificate is shredded or deleted if sent by e:Mail.

When are the practices and games?

1 hour practices are held Monday through Friday starting at 5:30pm or 6:30pm (times change for 5 & 6pm during daylight savings time).  Teams typically practice 2 times a week during the season. There are 8 games in a season and they are played on Saturdays.

Where are the games played?

For Spring 2022, Mason SAY is planning to play at Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park and Fleckenstein Park.

Where can I find the Policies of Mason SAY?
Can I choose the night(s) that my son/daughter practices?

The head coach of the team chooses which day and time that a team practices. Players are not allowed to change teams to accommodate personal schedules.

What is the cost?

$90.00 for all ages

What is the Mini-Kickers Program?

MiniKickers is an exciting program that teaches basic soccer skills while developing strength, balance, coordination, listening skills and teamwork for children aged 3-5. The curriculum has been developed by soccer experts, child development professionals and experienced coaches, ensuring a positive soccer experience for your child! Although Scrimmage games may be included within the practice, it may not be included on a weekly basis. The goal of MiniKickers is to ensure a positive and enjoyable first step in your child's soccer career.

Additional Information for Mini-Kickers
  • Sessions are 1 hour long
  • Typically there are 2 trainers at the sessions keeping at ratio of 8:1 with the players
  • 8 sessions in a season
  • Typically parents are not involved in the training sessions unless the players is struggling with listening or with the drills
  • Sessions are on Saturday mornings at Heritage Oak Park
  • Trainers are from Challenger Sports
What do you have to do to become a SAY referee in Mason?

Take the SAY referee classes once a year. You also can contact the Referee Coordinator directly!

When and where are referee classes are held?

Our Spring 2022 Referee Training is on February 26 and March 5 from 9AM to 1PM (both days) at the Deerfield Township Trustee Room. You must attend both days of training!

Address: 4900 Parkway Dr STE 150, Mason, OH 45040

Can I referee if I also play Mason SAY soccer in the same season?

Yes, we will work around your game schedule

Can I referee with my friends?

Yes, after you are trained by an experienced referee

Do you need any adult referees?

Yes, we are always looking for adult referees

If I took a Select/Club referee class can I referee Mason SAY games?

Please take our referee class if possible. However, if you have a certification for select/club games already we would love to have you join us! Please email with your concussion certificate and your Referee License from the US Soccer Learning Center, and it will be handled on a case-by-case basis. More information on the select/club referee class can be found at

What do I need to purchase to be a referee?

You have to buy a solid yellow shirt, any solid black shorts or pants, referee socks, whistle, and stop watch.

Is there a test I have to pass to be a referee?

There is NO TEST if you want to referee INSTRUCTIONAL ONLY. To referee other divisions, you must pass the appropriate test.

  • To be eligible for Passers games, you must complete the Entry-Level Test EL7
  • To be eligible for Wings and older games, you must complete the Intermediate-Level Test IL1

All tests are open-book and open-notes. Access the tests here!

How many games would I be able to referee on a Saturday?

We try and schedule everyone for one or two games.

How many ref classes are given before the season starts?

There is only one referee class per season in Mason, but other SAY districts also give classes. If possible, please attend the Mason SAY class! Only use the other SAY classes if you are NOT able to attend our class!

I cannot attend the Mason SAY referee training. What should I do?

Would I have had to play soccer in order to be a referee?

No! We teach you everything you need to know! If you have played soccer before, it will help to understand the game better!

Who do I contact if I have referee questions or concerns?

Contact Erin Kelley (Referee Coordinator) at or call 513-262-7487

How old do you have to be to referee SAY games in Mason?

You need to 10 years old by August 1st

What divisions would I be able to referee?

You have to be at least 2 years older than the division that you referee. Division placement will be determined by the referee coordinator.

How long are the quarters for the different divisions?
  • Instructional - 8 minutes
  •  Passers - 10 minutes
  •  Wings and Strikers- 12 minutes
  •  Kickers/Minors & Seniors - 15 minutes

Anything in bold and underlined represents a Mason SAY Soccer modification!

Can I referee younger age divisions even if I am old enough to referee older divisions?

Yes, whatever division you feel comfortable refereeing

Do I have to provide my own transportation to and from the games?


How much does the referee class cost?

The referee class is $15 and includes a printed copy of the book, sports drinks/water for referees on game days, and access to the online assignment system (Horizon Web Ref).

Do I need to pre-register for the referee class?

Yes! Please visit our website for instructions!

I cannot attend the Mason SAY referee training. What should I do?

If you cannot attend the Mason SAY referee training, there are 2 options for you to become qualified to referee at Mason SAY Soccer.

Take a SAY Referee Class at another area/district

  • Here is a link to some other SAY Referee classes!
  • Once you complete a SAY Referee class, request to join the Mason SAY referee assigning group at Mention in the optional notes which SAY referee class you took and the name of the instructor/administrator.
    • Enter Association # 206160
    • Select user type Official
  • Once you complete a SAY Referee Class, the class instructor/administrator email stating you have completed their SAY Referee class
  • Once you complete a SAY Referee Class, you need to email with the following documents
    • Concussion Certificate (all referees)
    • SafeSport Certificate (only needed if 18 or older)
  • Once these steps are completed, our referee coordinator (Erin Kelley) will review everything. If everything looks good, then the referee coordinator will activate your account and you can begin receiving game assignments.

Below are some links to other SAY Referee Classes around us! Please contact these organizations directly for their class requirements.

Become a USSF Referee

  • Complete the USSF training at and follow their directions to become a referee
  • Once you complete the OSSRC requirements, request to join the Mason SAY referee assigning group at Mention in the optional notes that you are a USSF certified referee
    • Enter Association # 206160
    • Select user type Official
  • Once you request an account through our subscription, send an email to with the following documents
    • USSF Referee certificate (see your US Soccer Learning Center referee profile)
    • Concussion certificate
  • Once these steps are completed, our referee coordinator (Erin Kelley) will review everything. If everything looks good, then the referee coordinator will activate your account and you can begin receiving game assignments.
How much do I get paid?
  • Instructional $15
  • Passers $20
  • Wings $25
  • Strikers $30
  • Kickers $35
  • Minors and Seniors $40